Southwest Part 1: Grand Canyon via Route 66 & Sedona

This past summer I did a drive around the perimeter of the Grand Canyon (more info: here and here) and I’m excited to share my itinerary (in a two-part, Southwest, post).

The road trip started from Newport Beach/Orange County (1hr south of LA) to, eventually, Route 66. Which, along the way, was a detour to rest and visit historic, Seligman, followed by a night at Kimpton Amara Resort in Sedona, Arizona.

Amara Hotel and Resort was a beautiful hotel with stunning views. The town was very stunning and the red rocks were a perfect back drop with even more spectacular moments the closer the sun went down, as the sunset brought out even a deeper red color of the rocks.

The next day, was a two-night stay in the Grand Canyon, closest to the Flagstaff/South Rim entrance. That included desperately searching for room at the campsites within the Grand Canyon park. It’s best to book in advance here, in the summertime, as spaces are limited and we only relied on cancellations. Not exactly ideal and a bit stressful, but it ended up working out.

The campsite was from the southeast entrance of the park, closest to Sedona, AZ on the way to Page, AZ.


Just a disclaimer, that this was safe and there was ground below me 😉