Born to Explore


I’m sure I was born with that passion to explore. Whenever the topic of travel comes up, my parents always seem to recall one specific thing about me. I would consistently be the first one at the front door with my shoes and coat on, twisting the doorknob and yelling, with excitement, in Polish, “gotowi do jechania?!” Loosely translated, it meant, “ready to go?!” I was around 3 years old and born with a zest for exploring the world, which at that time was very, very big in my eyes.

My parents were also the adventure seeking type and I’m sure that was passed on. They always have wonderful, funny and exhilarating stories to tell. I’ve always been curious about the world: the people, different ways of life, beautiful cities, nature and landscapes..

I’ve been very fortunate to explore more in my adult years. My friends and family have reached out to me to ask for tips and advice over the years and I’m happy to share my own, unique adventures off the beaten path.